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Welcome To DHA Quetta

  Defence Housing Authority Quetta, Balochistan is a corporate body created under Balochistan Assembly Act No. XI of 2015 that endeavours to bring state of the art, secure living and business environment to Quetta. In step with the latest worldwide developments in the field of urban and community development, it would add to the grandeur of the city. Relying on tenets of sustainable development, conservation of environment and energy, it would carve out residential and commercial projects that would make living in DHA Quetta an enjoyable experience for generations to come.

Administrator's Message

  A Long awaited wish of the people of Balochistan in general and Quetta in particular came true when the Provincial Assembly of Balochistan adopted the Resolution and passed Defence Housing Authority Act XI of 2015 dated 02 October 2015.

  This event actuated a deliberate and intricate process of appreciation involving a vast array of different analysis and surveys such as related to geography, topography, demography, ecology, sociology, economy, hydrology and other diasporic, cultural and urban planning studies that focus on current local trends. This led to the crystallization of different options for future projects of Defence Housing Authority in Quetta.

  I wish to inform all our future members with great satisfaction and gratitude that DHA Quetta has decided on its future strategic direction. We vow to commit all our energies towards creating first ever most advanced and high-tech self-sustained, environmental friendly and futuristically developed housing scheme. Some prominent features which would distinguish the erstwhile Quetta, as has existed for decades without any significant improvement thus far, are listed below: -

  • Residential sectors located within secure and hygienically controlled environment with all basic amenities that are seen in any modern residential area around the world.
  • Taking into account the basic and common necessity, School, College, Medical facilities, Mosques, wide commercial areas, community centres and recreational parks within close proximity of residential sectors.
  • To compensate for the lack of sufficient opportunities for higher education, DHA Quetta has planned an exclusive area for universities and other centres of excellence in different fields.
  • Realizing the need for advanced and latest technology in specialized medical treatment, efforts are in hand to bring prominent most trusted and successful parties / investment groups to DHA Quetta.
  • We lay a special emphasis on promoting a healthy, physically active and agile community which can contribute positively in the development of our beloved motherland. To this end, we are focusing on provision of well laid out sports facilities and clubs.
  • In view of the tremendous opportunities that lay before us owing to the strategic location of Quetta Vis-à-vis CPEC Projects, an exclusive and spacious commercial areas is sure to house the business community in the shape of Shopping Malls, offices, hotels and restaurants.
  • Sensing the effect Global warming and changing weather patterns which emerge in shape of rising atmospheric temperature and reduced rain spells round the year, we bound ourselves towards conservation of resources such as water, electricity and natural gas.
  • We feel that there is an urgent and huge need for turning the environment green and undertaking large scale plantation of trees in Quetta. We will Insh Allah, put up a plan in this regard by bringing the entire community onboard towards realization of this goal.

  Having interacted with various segments of people in Quetta, I am positive that DHA Quetta will truly come up to the expectations and hopes which every member of the society is eagerly associating with it, Hence the motto that has been so willingly adopted by DHA Quetta: -


  I urge on the people to come forward and join us in this challenging but attainable objective by first facilitating in acquisition of requisite land for the project and later in its quick development for all to benefit and enjoy the new face of Quetta, that is to emerge soon Insha Allah.

  With best wishes and profound regards.

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Current Activities

  • Aquisition of land is in full swing
  • DHAQ Smart City Ph-1 Main Gate development has been commenced
  • DHAQ Smart City Ph-I Ballot has been conducted successfully
  • Confirmation Letters for DHAQ Smart City Phase-1 Ballot Successful Applicants placed Online

Upcoming Projects

    Upcoming Projects will be Updated soon!