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Procedure for Sale of Land to DHA Quetta

  • Land Offer Form duly filled and signed by Land Owner(s) & Land Provider (if any).
  • Original Fard Malkiyat duly stamped & attested by Tehsildar and should not be older than 15 days.
  • Attested copy of Intiqaal / Registry / Allotment Letter / Transfer Order or Power of Attorney in original.
  • Copies of Khasra Girdawri/ Field Book.
  • &Aks Shajra of the offered land.
  • Google Image duly annotated with location and details of the offered land.
  • 6 x Photographs of Owner(s) and Land Provider.
  • 6 x Attested copies of Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC).
  • Non Encumbrance Certificate (NEC) from Sub-Registrar.
  • 3 x Stamp Papers of Rs 100 each.
  • 3 x Stamp Papers worth Rs 1200.
  • Undertaking by Owner(s) on Stamp Paper.
  • Paid Challan / Deposit Slip of Processing Charges in original @ Rs 2000 per Acre.
  • Land Offer Form can be obtained from Customer Facilitation Office or downloaded from the DOWNLOADS link.
  • Deposit the filled / signed Land Offer Form in Land Directorate along with all required documents mentioned on the form.
  • Ownership Documents will be scrutinized by DHA Revenue Staff and verified from Tehsil Revenue Staff.
  • Case will be processed to Director Land for seeking clearance of Administrator DHAQ.
  • On clearance from Director Land, Field Staff will make necessary coordination with the Land Provider / Land Owners(s) about preparations, date & time of Field Visit.
  • A day prior to the visit by Field Staff of DHAQ, Owner(s) & Land Provider will make necessary preparations, demarcation and measurements and also visit the land for necessary coordination.
  • Field Staff will visit the land for measurements and feasibility.
  • In the light of Fd Visit Report prepared by the Field Staff, the case will be processed for approval of Administrator through Director Land.
  • Land Acquisition Committee (LAC) will negotiate exemption rate within the approved parameters of that particular piece of land and seek final approval from competent authority in writing through Director Land.
  • After approval for acquisition is granted, and exemption rate is approved in the light of recommendation of LAC, Possession Officer along with his team will take over the possession of the land in presence of Tehsil Revenue Staff, Land Provider, Land Owner(s) and the Neighbouring Owners.
  • Possession Staff will reconfirm the measurements and carryout digital survey of the land.
  • All structures, facilities, improvements etc not removed by the Owners till the time of possession will be taken over by DHAQ Team. However, Owner(s) may be allowed to reap standing crop in the land, if any, at harvesting time.
  • A group Photograph of all those required to be present during the possession will be taken with DHAQ Banner in the background.
  • Possession Certificate, stating that possession of offered land has been taken over by DHA, will be signed by all concerned.
  • After possession, advertisement will be published in two newspapers (Urdu & English) mentioning name of the Mauza, land measurement, Khasra numbers, name of Land Owner(s) and Land Provider. Photographs of Land Owners(s) and Land Provider will also be published in the Advertisement. The Advertisement has 15 days of validity.
  • Agreement, Affidavit, Undertaking and Indemnity Bond will be signed in Land Directorate Office and photographs taken during the signing.
  • On expiry of 15 days, Original Sale Deed in favor of DHA along with its two copies will be prepared.
  • After registration of Sale Deed with Sub-Registrar, Mutation of the land in favour of DHAQ will be completed in Tehsil Office.
  • After approval of the Mutation, attested copy of Intiqaal and Original Fard Malkiyat in the name of DHAQ will be submitted in Land Directorate.
  • DHAQ Revenue Staff will check the documents for correctness and get it verified from Tehsil Revenue Office.
  • Land Directorate will issue Affidavit Files as exemption against the acquired land as per following schedule.
    •  70% Files after Registry of land in the name of DHAQ.
    •  20% Files after Mutation of land in the name of DHAQ.
    •  Remaining 10% files will be released after 6 Months of acquisition of litigation free land.
  • Case for issue of Affidavit Files at each stage will be processed by Director Land for approval of the competent authority.
  • Upon approval, Director Land will issue the Affidavit Files in person to concerned Land Provider or Land Owner(s) or both, as the case may be, after completion of all formalities.
  • No Demand Certificate (NDC) will be required before release of 10% retained files, endorsed from the Land Owner that nothing is outstanding against Land Provider or DHA on account of cost of land payable to the Owner(s) and endorsed by Legal, Finance, Transfer & Record and Land Directorates, mentioning that nothing is outstanding against the Land Owner(s) & Land Provider.

Miscellaneous Instructions / Guidelines

  • All photographs and photocopies of CNIC being submitted at various steps must be attested by the Oath Commissioner.
  • All affidavits / Stamp Papers must be registered with authorized Stamp Vendor and attested by the Oath Commissioner.
  • All documents including Land Offer Form, Affidavit, Undertaking, Certificate, Agreement, Sales Deed (Registry), Indemnity Bond etc will be written strictly in accordance with the latest specimens received from Land Directorate of DHAQ.
  • Prior to filling / preparing any documents, necessary guidelines / instructions must be sought from concerned staff.